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Just Five Things About GRACE Follow-On

Artist's illustration of the GRACE-FO satellites in orbit

There are a lot more than five things to say about the GRACE Follow-On mission, but here are a few favorite facts.

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UPDATE NASA Orbital ATK Now Targeting May 21 for Next Resupply Mission to Space Station

Orbital ATK's Cygnus spacecraft launched

The date has moved for the next launch to the International Space Station to Monday, May 21, to support further prelaunch inspections and more favorable weather.

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Small Packages to Test Big Space Technology Advances

The RainCube 6U CubeSat with fully-deployed antenna.

The next International Space Station resupply mission, launching this weekend, will carry three small satellites to test the next generation of Earth-observing technology.

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NASAs Curiosity Rover Aims to Get Its Rhythm Back

A test of a new percussive drilling technique at NASA's JPL

Rover engineers at JPL will try to restore percussive drilling on Mars this week, part of a larger series of tests that will last through summer.

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NASA Satellites Reveal Major Shifts in Global Freshwater

Time series showing global freshwater trends

Scientists have combined NASA Earth satellite observations with data on human activities to map locations where freshwater is changing around the globe and to determine why.

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Science Launching to Space Station Looks Forward and Back

The Cold Atom Lab (CAL)

The Cold Atom Laboratory, from JPL, is one science payload launching to the International Space Station aboard an Orbital ATK Cygnus spacecraft no earlier than May 20.

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Update Launch Coverage of Earth-Observing Satellites

Artist's illustration of GRACE-FO

Revised dates have been set for the prelaunch briefing and launch of GRACE-FO, NASA's latest Earth-observing satellite mission.

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A Pale Blue Dot As Seen by a CubeSat

First image captured by one of NASA's Mars Cube One (MarCO) CubeSats

One of NASA's MarCO CubeSats has taken its first image.

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Small Asteroid to Fly Between Earth and Moon Today

Diagram of Asteroid 2010 WC9

Small asteroid to fly between Earth and the Moon today.

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Old Data Reveal New Evidence of Europa Plumes

Artist's illustration of Jupiter and Europa (in the foreground) with the Galileo spacecraft after its pass through a plume

Scientists re-examining data from an old mission bring new insights to the tantalizing question of whether Jupiter's moon Europa has the ingredients to support life.

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El observatorio astronómico más antiguo que aún se conserva

El observatorio de Cheomseongdae, en Kyongju, Corea del Sur, fue construido entre 632-647 y se utilizó para observar las estrellas y predecir el tiempo. Mide 9,17 m de altura X 5,35 m en la base.

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