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Mars Mission Sheds Light on Habitability of Distant Planets

This illustration depicts charged particles from a solar storm

How long might a Mars-like planet of a red-dwarf star be habitable? It's a complex question but one that NASA's Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution mission can help answer.

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Sierras Lost Water Weight Grew Taller During Drought

Sierra Nevada range

Loss of water from Sierra Nevada rocks caused the California mountains to rise almost an inch during the recent drought.

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Next-Generation GRACE Satellites Arrive at Launch Site

A crate containing one of the twin Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment Follow-On (GRACE-FO) satellites

A pair of U.S./German Earth research satellites with some very big shoes to fill is now at California 's Vandenberg Air Force Base to begin final preparations for launch.

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Bright Areas on Ceres Suggest Geologic Activity

Bright areas of Occator Crater

Scientists have a better sense of how bright areas on Ceres formed and changed over time -- processes indicative of an active, evolving world.

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NASAs Juno Probes the Depths of Jupiters Great Red Spot

animation simulates the motion of clouds in Jupiter's Great Red Spot

Data collected by NASA's Juno spacecraft during its first pass over Jupiter's Great Red Spot in July 2017 indicate that this iconic feature penetrates well below the clouds.

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NASA Airborne Science Team Surveys California Fires

Ventura coastline is barely visible under a plume of smoke

NASA scientists are using a high-altitude aircraft and sophisticated JPL imaging spectrometer to study environmental impacts from Southern California's devastating wildfires.

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JPL Deploys a CubeSat for Astronomy

JPL CubeSat named ASTERIA

A training program allowed early-career engineers to test an innovative design.

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NASA Mars Rover Teams Tilted Winter Strategy Works

Perseverance Valley on Mars

NASA's Mars rover Opportunity has passed the shortest-daylight weeks of the Martian year with its solar panels in clean condition for a potential dust-storm season in 2018.

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Found Most Distant Black Hole

Artist's concept shows the most distant supermassive black hole ever discovered

Scientists have uncovered a rare relic from the early universe: the farthest known supermassive black hole.

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The Voyagers in Popular Culture

Each Voyager spacecraft carries a copy of the Golden Record

The Voyagers have been featured in many movies, TV shows and songs during the course of their epic 40-year journeys.

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La galaxia de Andrómeda (M31), que está a 2,9 millones de años luz. Cuando se mira a esta galaxia, se está viendo la luz que salió de ella cuando en la Tierra comenzaban las últimas glaciaciones. La galaxia espiral M33, en la constelación del Triángulo, está más lejos y es más débil, aunque alguien con una vista muy aguda quizá la vea.

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