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Como buena parte de lo que sucede en la actualidad astronómica se publica en Inglés te ofrecemos estas noticias.

NASAs Juno to Remain in Current Orbit at Jupiter

Jupiter's south pole

NASA's Juno mission to Jupiter, which has been in orbit around the gas giant since July 4, 2016, will remain in its current 53-day orbit for the remainder of the mission.

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Earth Science on the Space Station Continues to Grow

International Space Station

The number of instruments on the International Space Station dedicated to observing Earth to increase our understanding of our home planet continues to grow.

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NASA Snow Science Supporting the US Water Supply

SnowEx campaign will improve remote sensing measurements

Researchers have completed the first flights of a NASA-led field campaign that is targeting one of the biggest gaps in scientists' understanding of Earth's water resources: snow.

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An Ice WorldWith an Ocean

A dramatic plume sprays water ice and vapor from the south polar region of Saturn's moon Enceladus.

How a puzzling sensor reading transformed NASA's Cassini Saturn mission and created a new target in the search for habitable worlds beyond Earth.

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Dawn Discovers Evidence for Organic Material on Ceres

This enhanced color composite image, made with data from the framing camera aboard NASA's Dawn spacecraft

NASA's Dawn mission has found evidence for organic material on Ceres, a dwarf planet and the largest body in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

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NASA-funded Website Lets the Public Search for New Nearby Worlds

Artist's concept illustrates a close-up view of a cool brown dwarf

NASA is inviting the public to help search for possible undiscovered worlds in the outer reaches of our solar system and in neighboring interstellar space.

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Spitzer Hears Stellar Heartbeat from Planetary Companion

This illustration shows how the planet HAT-P-2b, left, appears to cause heartbeat-like pulsations in its host star, HAT-P-2.

A planet and a star are having a tumultuous romance that can be detected from 370 light-years away.

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Lasers Could Give Space Research its Broadband Moment

Several upcoming NASA missions will use lasers to increase data transmission from space.

New laser technology could yield more science data and high-definition video from spacecraft.

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Descent into a Frozen Underworld

Aaron Curtis, a postdoctoral scholar at JPL

A JPL robotics researcher tested new technologies in ice caves near an active volcano in Antarctica.

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Scientists Shortlist Three Landing Sites for Mars 2020

Proposed landing sites

Participants in a landing site workshop for NASA's upcoming Mars 2020 mission have recommended three locations on the Red Planet for further evaluation.

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